Manage Your School App On iPhone & iPad

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Download this powerful mobile app to help you manage your School App on the go. Send out pop up messages (push notifications) to your parents via the app and social media networks, check detailed analytics, and more.

What makes this app so special?
For the first time, you can now manage your schools app on the go without having to access a computer to send out instant messages or check your app analytics.

What else can this app do?
Besides sending instant messages, scheduling instant messages, and checking analytics — “Manage Your App” can sync with a schools social media pages to simultaneously post to their Facebook and Twitter pages along with their push notification. With this feature, a school can keep their parents informed with their app and social media pages all at once and reduce the amount of multiple administrative tasks.

Is there any cost for clients to use this app?
This app is completely free to use. Remember it is for administrators not parents.

Where can I download this app?
Will this app come to Android anytime soon?
We plan to develop this app for Android in the near future, but likely not for a couple months. Sorry to all of our Android users at the moment.

Download here:
Or search “Manage Your App” in the iTunes App Store.

You can send me your feedback at any time, I know you are going to love this awesome new tool.

Getting Started

We make getting started as easy as possible for you. Request a free demo Mobile App for your school, golf club or council and we’ll send it to you within 48 hours.

Available for iPhone, Android and HTML5.

Thank you again for all of your support and patience! Our introduction to our upper school parents went very well and we received a lot of downloads right away! Tonight is our lower school back to School Night so we expect/hope to get a lot more!

Harry Katcher
San Diego Jewish Academy